Template:Objects Created by an Inhuman geneticist named Randac, the Terrigen Mists accelerate genetic advances. Inhumans are exposed to the mists when they come of age. Each experiences different results.

The Terrigen Mists are a vapor produced by the Terrigen Crystals. The crystals were discovered by the Inhuman geneticist Randac around 25,000 years ago. Randac exposed himself to the Mists giving himself incredible mental powers. Because Randac wished all Inhumans to undergo the Terrigen Mist treatment (a process known as Terrigenesis), the majority of the Inhuman population became deformed monsters. After centuries of experimenting with birth control and genetics, the Inhumans have been able to expose themselves and not become monsters. However, even after all these centuries, it has not been perfect. Some Inhumans that were exposed became devolved, mindless beings. They were called the Alpha Primitives and were used as slaves. As a preventative measure, all Inhumans are subject to genetic screening before exposure to the mists in order to ensure compatibility with the process. Terrigenesis has became a sacred ritual of the Inhumans, and a cornerstone of Inhuman Culture.

Approximately 100 years ago the Inhuman scientist Ultarnt was commissioned by the Genetic Council to do a study on the nature of Terrigenesis. The results of this study could result in a deeper understanding of the Inhuman rite of passage. It was learned that the process was not random as has always been seemingly apparent, but instead follows a greater and possibly discernible pattern. It was identified that in times of climate change Terrigenesis would favor mutations that would allow Inhumans to adapt. In times of war or conflict other appropriate mutations would arise. When an integral member of Inhuman society would die a replacement mutation would occur within a matter of three years. The far-reaching implications of this study were deemed too provocative for the general public and as such have been kept secret from most of Inhuman society, including members of the Royal Family.