Template:Character Jourr was a young boy who was a member of the Lor Tribe, an old Inhuman group who lived in the secret city of Orollan, Greenland. He was friends with a local who was known as the Healer. One day after Jourr was rock climbing he fell a pretty ways down but only ended up hurting his left arm. The Healer patched him up and put his arm in a cast telling him next time to bring a better rope.

Unbeknownst to Jourr, a big battle was being waged in the main city of the Inhumans, Attilan between Black Bolt and Thanos, who was in search for his son. Black Bolt had his secret weapon the Terrigen Bomb detonate over Earth's atmosphere which killed the entire population of Orollan, including Jourr himself, but only leaving the healer who was revealed as Thanos's son, Thane as the only survivor.